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Our Compostable Plastic Bags

Our fully compostable plastic bags are the future. Currently, the UK generates over 30 million tonnes of household waste every year, approximately 35% of which is garden and kitchen waste.

At this current rate, we will have filled our landfill sites in nine years. Where will we put our rubbish then?

Compostable plastic bags: the solution

Through continued research, development, and field trials, Polystar are proud to be the only specialised UK manufacturer of next generation, 100% compostable bags.

The main advantage is that our bio-plastic does not contain any starch. Starch is sensitive to moisture so if you left standard compostable bags in damp conditions (e.g. inside the bin or under the sink), they can begin to prematurely degrade.

This can lead to your waste ending up on the floor and not in the composter!

Why are Polystar’s compostable bags better?

Our technology on the other hand is a blend of co-polyester and PLA (sugar cane, which is a renewable resource). This gives rise to the following benefits:

  • Outstanding mechanical properties and perform in a way similar to regular polythene bags and film

  • Very high content of natural resource raw material

  • Superior breathability

  • Excellent ink adhesion for professional print quality

Our compostable plastic bags all adhere to the following specifications:

  • Are manufactured in the UK at our own facility.

  • EN13432 Accredited

  • Can be made in any size although the most common are 7 or 10 litre caddy liner, 25 litre bag and 80 litre sack.

  • Available on a roll or loose in boxes

  • Fully printable with your logo and details

For large local authority clients, we have various initiatives including free tree planting. This helps the countryside, increases our biodiversity, and raises significant awareness in local communities from the PR generated.

Compostable Logo

This symbol and number say that we make a bag that is certified biodegradable and safe for composting. We are really proud of this!

Please call us today to find out more about how Polystar can help both you and the environment.