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Green Alternatives

Our range of eco-friendly polythene products

As part of a continuous drive for improved environmental responsibility, the EU and UK government have initiated a Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive. These regulations are designed to attack the unnecessary wastage of all types of packaging, with the objective of increasing recycling and reuse across the board.

This directive requires packaging waste to be minimised and the packaging itself to be designed for better recovery and reuse. There are ambitious recovery targets that must be met by the UK for waste packaging.

Your business responsibilities

Polystar is committed to helping businesses meet their packaging regulation obligations. To help, the team here at Polystar consistently work hard to develop products that enable you to achieve better performance and long-term environmental sustainability. Our innovative packaging products are specifically designed to reduce wastage and minimise harm to the environment.

As such many of our products are available in environmentally friendly polythene alternatives using either our degradable and compostable films or our exclusive materials that will not only provide a reduction in costs but also in your carbon footprint.

Call today and speak to one of our friendly sales team members who can organise free samples of our eco-friendly polythene and show you how Polystar Plastics can make a difference.