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Form Fill Seal packaging (FFS)

form fill seal packaging

Easily and efficiently package cereal, dehydrated foods, animal feed and other loose perishable products using Form Fill Seal packaging. FFS packaging is designed for loose products requiring airtight conditions, providing a practical and efficient packaging process to take these products from warehouse to shelf. When manufactured using our exclusive Tristar material, we can offer savings of up to 20%, meaning quality packaging at some of the industry’s best prices.

Specialist polythene for foods manufacturers and the agricultural market

Due to the packaging process and the airtight conditions it creates, FFS and VFFS (Vertical Form Fill Seal) packaging is ideal for food manufacturers and the agricultural market. We work closely with both, so wherever you fall between these industries, you know we have experience in your area.

Airtight packaging means top-quality perishables - get in touch.

From FFS to VFFS - suitable for every packaging system

Whether you use standard Form Fill Seal systems or a variation of VFFS, our packaging can be ordered to fit your existing production lines, meaning simple installation and an efficient production line.

Reduce form fill and seal costs by up to 20% with our exclusive polythene

Our exclusive Tristar™ material is designed from a unique blend of three polymers to produce a strong, tear-resistant polythene.

A stronger, lightweight polythene means fewer production costs, which translates into direct savings for our customers - up to 20% less than standard polythene.

We can manufacture FFS and VFFS packaging in custom dimensions and volumes to suit our customers’ specific requirements, enabling us to assist a wide a variety of companies and organisations with their packaging.

For a high-performance packaging solution, call our sales team on 02380 232153 or contact us online and see how much you could save.