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Specialist frozen-food packaging for foods manufacturers and supermarket chains

frozen food packaging

Package frozen food safely, securely, and in accordance with food safety standards using Freezer Film. Freezer Film is specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures without suffering damage or weakening, maintaining product quality. It is hygienic and food-safe according to current legislation, promoting safe food standards. Easy to apply and made to order in dimensions compatible with a range of packaging lines, Freezer Film is the specialist frozen-food packaging for national and international supermarkets and large foods manufacturers.

Supplying food manufacturers and large supermarket chains throughout Europe

Our specialist frozen-food packaging assists supermarket chains throughout the UK and mainland Europe with packaging for their frozen products, so however large your business or distribution, you know we can produce Freezer Film to meet your requirements.

Preserve frozen food quality quickly and easily with specialist Freezer Film - get in touch.

Food-grade polythene developed for freezing temperatures

Freezer Film has been developed specifically for use with food items in freezing temperatures. Our mix specialist has considered everything from food safety regulations to the material qualities that ensure the film remains strong and maintains its integrity under freezing temperatures. We understand the importance of film that can be applied efficiently, speeding up packaging lead times.

Specialist frozen-food packaging preserves quality while reducing costs

Higher quality products and reduced costs means more efficient frozen food supply chains.

Specialist frozen food packaging is more resistant to damage during storage and transportation, maintaining the quality of frozen goods and reducing wastage or returns.

Higher quality frozen food also means a lower percentage of damaged, spoiled, or contaminated items, making stock management more efficient.

We can manufacture Freezer Film in custom dimensions and volumes to suit our customers’ specific requirements, enabling us to assist a wide a variety of frozen-food manufacturers with their packaging.

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