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Refuse Sacks

Our plastic Refuse Sacks

Polystar’s range of waste management products are made from 100% recycled material, making them not only the UK’s greenest plastic Refuse Sacks, but also the UK’s #1 choice within the janitorial, healthcare and local authority sectors.

There’s nothing rubbish about our plastic refuse sacks…

Our 100% recycled products exclusively use UK waste, which is processed at our on-site recycling plant. This massively reduces landfill impact and, just as importantly, creates a carbon footprint that is up to 50% lower than Far Eastern counterparts.

Additionally, most of the scrap polythene we use comes back to us from our own customers and is typically made from high strength film. This gives our recycled plastic Refuse Sacks an unrivalled performance with regard to tear and impact resistance – impressively up to 10 times greater than our competitors.

So if you didn’t think you could have a high strength sack with a performance matched only by its green credentials, think again!

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