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Shrink Polythene

Our range of shrink wrap films

Secure your products with our high-quality shrink wrap films to protect them against breakages, moisture, pests, and contamination. We draw from over 20 years of experience to produce large volumes of premium shrink wrap film at short notice for customers based anywhere within the UK and mainland Europe. Investment in the latest extrusion lines means we can design films to suit your specific business requirements, making them suitable for use across a wide range of companies and industries. This means safer products and better business.

Here’s a list of our main shrink wrap films, all of which can be ordered from stock or manufactured bespoke to meet your specific needs:

We can adjust properties such as stiffness, strength, slip, and static levels in order to provide a bespoke solution to maximise your output and minimise your packaging costs.


Switch to high-performance shrink wrap film to secure your products - get in touch.

Save up to 20% on your packaging costs with our Tristar™ material

We understand cost matters. This is why we have developed Tristar. Thinner, tougher, and more versatile than standard polythene, this exclusive material reduces your polythene consumption, meaning direct savings of up to 20% on your packaging costs.

We also offer Biofilm, our environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polythene.

Our capabilities

Structure: Monolayer & co-extruded


  • TristarTM 
  • BiostarTM 
  • Degradable

Size: 150mm to 8000mm Wide

Thickness: 20mu to 300mu


  • Reeled on cardboard or plastic core
  • Roll weights from 6kg-600kg

Still want more?

If you need a more technical shrink wrap film, we can incorporate the following treatments or additives within our products:

  • VCI/Anti-Dust
  • UV Inhibitors
  • Flame Retardant
  • EVA for freezer applications
  • Corona Treatment
  • Anti-Static
  • Micro/Macro Perforated
  • Anti-Fog
  • Degradable
  • Low Slip
  • Microbial

And many more.

Our full range of shrink wrap films can be produced to your exact specification or alternatively manufactured in one of our exclusive materials, providing you with the same strength and performance while reducing both your cost and carbon footprint.

Reduce your packaging costs by up to 20% today - call us on 02380 232153 or contact us onlinefor a free consultation.