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High-performance Pallet Shrink Covers

Shrink palet hoods

Secure your pallets with Pallet Shrink Wrap

Our cost-effective Pallet Shrink Covers offer excellent load-holding capabilities for those wishing to secure and protect pallet contents during storage and transit. In order to meet the ever increasing demands of this growing market sector, Pallet Shrink Covers are available in multiple formats. We design covers to precise specifications, producing bespoke covers that meet specific requirements. Their “all-season” nature enables customers to free up storage space by utilising external facilities. We also offer exclusive materials that can reduce pallet cover costs by up to 20% for secure, cost-effective packaging.

Over 20 years of experience working with companies throughout the UK and mainland Europe

We’ve worked with a wide range of SMEs and blue chip companies in this time, providing valuable insights into business and industry needs. These include brick and roof tile, chemical, engineering, and glass bottle industries. So wherever you’re based, you can be confident we have experience in your area.

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Custom-manufactured Pallet Shrink Covers

We use the latest extrusion technology to design and manufacture high-performance Pallet Shrink Covers. This product’s key features include the following:

  • Gusseted or centre-folded hoods perforated on a roll for ease of handling and improved storage.

  • Availability of additives such as UVI, VCI and Anti-Fusion for specialist applications.

  • Option for hoods to be perforated with punch holes or micro-perforations to create a breathable package by allowing moisture to escape.

  • We manufacture specialist Collation Shrink Films - find out more.  

As well as being 100% recyclable, Polystar Plastics Pallet Shrink Covers can be printed in multiple colours.

Reduce your packaging costs with our exclusive materials

Our Tristar material provides the same strength and performance of standard polythene at much lighter weights. This means you save with every order, up to 20% compared to typical polythene.

For businesses looking to reduce their carbon print, we also offer Biofilm, our environmentally friendly substitute for traditional polythene.

All our shrink wrap film can be produced to your exact specification or alternatively manufactured in one of our exclusive materials, which will give you the same strength and performance while reducing your cost and environmental footprint.

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