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Government Approved Waste Bags

 Local Authority

Waste Bags for Local Authorities


Our government approved waste bags have been produced with input from local authorities, to ensure a tailored waste management solutions adhering to the different regulations and objectives of local authorities.

Tailored Government Approved Waste Bags

Our extensive local authority portfolio includes the following:

Super Strength Icon

Super strength domestic waste sacks:
A high performance black sack for domestic refuse, providing a cost effective and environmental solution for council waste management schemes.

RecyclingRecycling Sacks:
A superior strength, clear or tinted sack. Ideal for kerbside recycling schemes. 

BiodegradableBiodegradable or Compostable Sacks:
The environmentally friendlier solution to reduce landfill impact for general waste or collecting green garden and food waste.

Pillow SacksPillow Sacks:
A high strength sack for domestic and recycling purposes, which maximises useable capacity providing the most cost effective solution.

Paper and CardboardPaper and Card Collection:
A durable sack for household recycling schemes which can be re-used.

Clinical WasteClinical Waste Sacks:
High performance sacks which are UN certified for the incineration of hazardous and infectious waste. 

Key Features:

  • 100% recycled
  • Design weight of 5-20kg
  • Range of sizes and thicknesses to suit application
  • Available loose or on a roll
  • Bespoke high quality printing
  • Multiple colour options



  • Cost effective
  • Superior tear and impact resistance
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Outperforms alternatives
  • Stockholding

Tristar Government Approved Waste Bags

As well as offering you a fully recycled range of government approved waste sacks, we can also manufacture these waste sacks using one of our exclusive materials, which will give you the same strength and performance while reducing both your cost and carbon footprint.

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