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Ventilated Stretch Film


Ventilated Stretch Film for Airflow

Our Ventilated Stretch Film is designed to let your crops breathe by providing the airflow they need to ensure maximum quality and yield. 

Traditional agricultural film is wrapped around the produce to ensure security and protection. Although this is an important aspect during transportation, these films have a tendency to smother the produce by denying a steady airflow.

Our range of ventilated stretch film includes:

  • Micro Perforated Film
    Creates a breathable barrier often used for sweet corn
  • Macro Perforated Film
    A mulch film with large perforations (often in diamond formation), allowing water in and letting excess heat escape

Bespoke Ventilated Stretch Film

All of our ventilated stretch film can be produced to your exact specification or alternatively manufactured in one of our exclusive materials which will give you the same strength and performance while reducing both your cost and carbon footprint.

Call one of our specialists on 02380 232153 about our ventilated stretch film, or request a quick quote to find out how Polystar can help you.