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Tristar Plastic Packaging


Reduce Your Costs with Tristar Polythene Packaging

We have produced our exclusive Tristar plastic packaging manufactured using a blend of advanced polymers, this co-extruded, lightweight polythene gives significant levels of strength to your plastic packaging whilst offering substantial cost savings against standard polythene materials. Tristar™ is an advanced material blend of three polymers which provide a lighter weight film with unrivalled dart impact and tear resistance.

With a constant commitment towards innovation, Polystar are proud to offer this next generation packaging material which has received acclaimed reviews throughout the UK and Mainland Europe.

Advantages of Tristar Polythene

By using this unique material, we can offer a thinner plastic film which will not only be of equivalent strength but will also reduce both your polythene consumption and carbon footprint by up to 30%.

As well as helping to save the environment by reducing your plastic packaging waste, switching to Tristar™ will typically save you up to 20% in cost.

Typical industries/applications popular for Tristar™ are:

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