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Our Exclusive Tristar and Biofilm Poythene


Polystar has invested in the latest technologies to develop new polythene products exclusive to Polystar that help your business to save up to 20% on your packaging costs.

We manufacture two exclusive materials to reduce the cost and environmental impact of your packaging.

The immense strength and depth of our product range means that we have solid platforms from which to drive innovation, while our insight into market trends and changing consumer habits provoke continual product and packaging development.

Tristar and Biofilm Polythene Packaging

As a result we have developed beneficial materials that are exclusive to Polystar and which are guaranteed to reduce both your cost and carbon footprint: Tristar and Biofilm.

Our research into lightweight, strong, flexible, and sustainable packaging materials, coupled with our investment in the latest of equipment technology, promises to deliver exciting new developments that will have a far-ranging effect on the market.

Exclusive Polythene Product Range

We manufacture a large range of polythene products including bags, covers, films and wraps. Our products don’t just save you money, but work towards reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

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