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Pallet Covers

Protect your products with polythene pallet covers

Pallet Sheets are the most cost-effective way of ensuring your products remain dry and dust free, offering complete protection with the added advantage of excellent transportation stability. They are available in shrink and non-shrink polythene formats to suit specific business needs and range in thickness from 15 micron to 250 micron. We draw from over 20 years of trade and manufacture experience to provide cost-effective, secure protection for pallets during storage and transportation.

Securing pallets for some of the UK’s biggest blue chip companies

We manufacture and supply significant quantities of polythene Pallet Covers and Pallet Top Sheets throughout the UK and mainland Europe, all of which are manufactured to the highest standards using the latest co-extrusion technology.

Keep your products safe and your costs down with better pallet protection - get in touch.

Pallet covers are easy to apply

There are two main kinds of covers used to protect palletised stock:

Shrink wraps

Pallet Shrink Covers are the most widely used form of packaging by companies requiring total product protection. Automated application ensures your pallets are completely covered. Heat treatment then seals the wrap and shrinks it to your palletised products, creating a plastic barrier between your products and external forces.

Non-fusion Pallet Covers are available (mainly used in horticultural and aggregate mineral markets) that prevent the plastic cover from fusing or sticking to the goods it is protecting when heat shrunk.

Pallet top sheets

Protect stock from moisture and dust with tear-resistant pallet top sheets. Simply cover the pallet with the sheet to provide quick, light protection. Application can be manual or automated and does not require heat treatment. Remove or replace as necessary during storage or transportation.

Lower your packaging costs by up to 20% with our exclusive polymers

Order your Pallet Covers in our Tristar material for lower costs. Engineered for toughness and flexibility, this material is thinner than standard polythene, lowering your packaging requirements and costing you less - by up to 20%.

We also offer Biofilm, a proactively green alternative to traditional polythene ideal for reducing your polythene consumption.

 As one of the leading polythene suppliers in the UK, our complete range of bags, wraps, and sheeting can be produced to your exact specification using our extensive extrusion lines. Alternatively, they can be manufactured in one of our exclusive materials, giving you the same strength and performance while reducing both your cost and carbon footprint.

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