Dolav liners

Food Grade Dolav Liners

From a small box liner to the largest dolav liner bags, Polystar manufacture a wide range of specially designed bespoke plastic food liners.

Health and safety standards surrounding food and drink products are strict, requiring the need for reliable packaging products that you can trust. Our specialist dolav liner bags (as well as our plastic food films) are manufactured to meet these standards for safe use throughout the production, storage, and secure distribution of your food items.

Dolav Liners for Small and Large Businesses

Our continued investment in technologies enables Polystar to meet the ever increasing demands of the food processing industry and the strict standards surrounding them.

This enables us to manufacture plastic food bags and dolav liners ideal for both large scale fully automated facilities, as well as providing cost effective solutions to smaller operations.

Tristar Dolav Liners

All our food grade polythene liners can be produced to your exact specification or alternatively manufactured in one of our exclusive materials. Choosing this option will give your liners the same strength and performance as our standard products while reducing both your cost by up to 20% and your carbon footprint.

Call one of our specialists on 02380 232153 about our dolav liners, or any of our plastic bags, to receive a free sample, or request a quick quote to find out how Polystar can help you.

, Food Grade Polythene and Dolav Liners

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