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A range of recycled films that massively improve green credentials


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PCWflex reuses plastic waste to create next generation polythene

With the environment at the forefront of our thoughts, we have developed our exclusive range of PCWflex films – some of the greenest products on the market.

Next generation polythene

These materials reduce the consumption of fossil fuels (used to produce virgin grade PE), they also dramatically reduce the amount of plastic packaging going to landfill, filling our oceans, and polluting the environment. Helping to remove the issue of single use packaging, our closed-loop manufacturing process keeps resources in use for as long as possible with a continuous round of recovery, recycling and reuse.

PCWflex films incorporate UK sourced Post-Consumer Waste (PCW) which has been collected, washed, shredded and re pelletised. This recycled polymer is then used to create the middle layer of a co-extruded film structure.

By using recipes that contain various amounts of recycled polymer, PCWflex technology delivers the same mechanical properties as virgin grade PE and can be applied across much of our range. Non-shrink films start at 30% but can contain up to 100% PCW polymers, and our shrink film recipe can include an impressive 50% PCW polymers without losing any of the functionality you would expect – whilst all still remaining 100% recyclable!

What does post-consumer waste mean?

Post-Consumer Waste is material that has served its intended purpose as a consumer item, and has then been separated from other material, which is to be disposed of. Post-Consumer Waste has completed its life cycle as a consumer item and can now be recycled and reused.

Why add it to polythene?

As part of its effort to tackle ongoing problems with litter and waste from single use plastic, the UK Government has announced that it intends to introduce new tax on plastic packaging that contains less than 30% recycled Post-Consumer Waste (PCW).
, PCW flex
, PCW flex
, PCW flex
, PCW flex

Supporting the NHS

Following the outstanding work carried out by the amazing NHS staff during the Coronavirus outbreak. Polystar Plastics will be committing £5 for every tonne of our new PCWflex material sold in 2020.

No amount of money can truly show our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to keeping the country running, but we hope this money will help this fantastic organisation going forwards.

This material is popular with these products:

Collation Shrink Film

Secure your products using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) collation shrink film for a cost-effective, efficient, versatile packaging solution.

Plastic Shrink Covers

Primarily used in single wound, centrefold, and multi-fold formats, Polystar manufacture high quality, heavy duty plastic shrink wrap suitable for both manual or automated applications.

Furniture Bags

We manufacture a vast range of plastic furniture covers specifically for the furniture and bedding sector.

Pallet Covers and Top Sheets

Pallet covers are the most cost-effective way of ensuring your products remain dry and dust-free.

General Tubing & Sheeting

Our range of polythene tubing provides ideal polythene formats for the packaging of a variety of products with abnormal or long dimensions.

Polythene Bags

Polystar are able to produce a wide range of plain and printed polythene bags specific to your requirements.

Our Accreditations

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