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As one of the UK’s leading polythene suppliers and manufacturers, our extensive product range meets the packaging requirements of a wide variety of companies and industries. Our heavy investment in extrusion technology means we can offer you a full range of bespoke polythene products. Every product can be manufactured in a variety of materials including virgin, recycled, compostable, or degradable polythene.

Additionally, our policy for ongoing research has driven the development of some exciting materials with real cost benefits, so your business saves with every order.

Supplying SME and blue chip customers throughout Europe

We currently work with both SME and large blue chip companies throughout the UK and mainland Europe. We are also specialist polythene suppliers for a wide range of industries, so wherever you’re based, in whichever sector, you know we have experience in your area.

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Polythene suppliers providing a full range of products

See below for the range of polythene products we manufacture:

Refuse Sacks

Polystar’s range of refuse sacks and waste management products are made from 100% recycled material, making them the best choice for janitorial, healthcare and local authority sectors, and custom bags for heavy-duty needs.

Save up to 20% on your packaging costs with Polystar Plastics

When manufactured using our exclusive materials, our range of Polythene Bags, Sheeting, and Films enables impressive cost and carbon footprint savings.

Our dedicated customer services team can tell you how to maximise your savings and reduce your company’s carbon footprint by switching to our exclusive Tristar™ or Biofilm™ products based on your current polythene product specifications.

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