Refuse Sacks & Bin Bags Manufactured in the UK

Refuse Sacks for Commercial, Janitorial, Healthcare and Local Authority Sectors in the UK

Polystar’s range of refuse sacks and waste management products are made from 100% recycled material, making them not only the UK’s greenest plastic refuse sacks but also the best choice for janitor cart bags, clinical waste bags, and for the local authority sector.

Get Value with our Recycled Refuse Sacks

Our refuse sacks provide value. They are made from 100% recycled products exclusively, using UK waste processed at our on-site recycling plant. This massively reduces landfill impact and, just as importantly, creates a carbon footprint that is up to 50% lower than Far Eastern counterparts.

Additionally, most of the scrap polythene we use for our bin polythene covers and sacks comes back to us from our own customers and is typically made from high-strength film. This gives our recycled plastic refuse sacks an unrivalled performance with regard to tear and impact resistance – impressively up to 10 times greater than our competitors. Meaning you get a high strength refuse sack that promotes a greener, more sustainable option.

Whether you require heavy duty refuse sacks, industrial strength bin bags, strong industrial bags, or bin bags according to your specifications, we can produce them.

Cost-saving Plastic Refuse Sacks and Bin Liners for Customers Within the UK and Mainland Europe.

We create bin bags to meet your needs. Call us on 02380 232153 about our plastic refuse sacks to get a free sample, or request a quote. For more details, view our range of bin liners and refuse sacks below.

Talk To Our Shrink Film Specialists

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Janitor Cart Bags and Bin Liners

View Polystar’s range of janitor cart bags and sacks. This product is ideal for the janitorial, facilities management and the food service sectors. We provide value and cost-effective sacks that can handle janitorial and food service waste.

Commercial Trade Waste Sacks

Polystar offers a vast range of custom-cm-sized and strong heavy duty bin bags developed in coordination with the country’s leading waste management companies to serve the needs of local authorities or private firms.

Government Approved Waste Bags

Click to see our government approved waste bags. This product has been produced with input from local authorities, to ensure a tailored waste management solutions that adheres to the different regulations and objectives of local authorities.


Health Care Waste Management 

Our range of clinical waste bags have been developed with the needs of the healthcare sector in mind, supplying and developing a host of specialist polythene bags and clinical waste management solutions.
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Yes, a refuse sack may be recyclable depending on what was used to produce it. We produce recyclable bin liners and waste bags.

With our polythene categories and range, you get refuse bags and bin liners without the impact to the environment that happens with regular bin bags.

Our bin liners and waste bags come in different sizes and capacities. Although we sell regular black bin bags, clear bin bags, and wheelie bags, we also produce bespoke waste sacks pieces based on demand and specifications for delivery in the UK.

The regular-sized bags are sold directly on our website; you can add a pack or more to your basket and order off the shelf for the next working day door delivery.

However, if you want bespoke sizes, strong and heavy-duty waste bags, government approved bags, food-grade bin liners or one with special specifications and capacity, we can produce and have it shipped to you. Contact us to discuss.

We produce heavy duty waste bags produced in the UK and for delivery to UK and Europe. Our commercial trade waste sacks are specially produced to carry heavy and awkward items including tools, heavy screw, and other items to be in strong and heavy duty bags.

Rubble sacks are used to hold heavy refuse, such as construction tools. They are made from super strong materials that are durable and so do not tear easily. Rubble sacks are sometimes called builder’s sack.

Our commercial trade sacks are made according to specifications for heavy-duty use. Contact us.