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About this material

Biofilm™ is a bio-based material made from sugar cane. It’s the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that makes this product carbon positive.

The sugar cane actively captures CO2 from the atmosphere, while at the same time releasing oxygen – making this material not just green, but proactively green.

Biofilm™ is a material that can be used in the production of collation shrink film and other polythene wrapping and hooding like polythene mailing bags and films..

This material is available on these products:

Collation Shrink Film

Secure your products using low-density polyethylene (LDPE) collation shrink film for a cost-effective, efficient, versatile packaging solution.

Pallet Covers and Top Sheets

Pallet covers are the most cost-effective way of ensuring your products remain dry and dust-free.

Mailing Bags and Film

Our plastic mailing bags provide the perfect mailing film solution, so your literature reaches its customers in quality condition.

Food Grade Polythene Bags and Dolav Liners

Polystar manufacture a wide range of specially designed bespoke plastic food liners.

Form Film Seal Packing

Form fill seal packaging is ideal for food manufacturers and the agricultural market ensuring perishable products reach customers in the best quality. 

The Benefits Biofilm™ Polythene Packaging

Our exclusive Biofilm™ material can be chosen as an alternative option to standard polythene for your plastic packaging across our entire product range. It offers your company the opportunity to improve your green credentials, meet legislative requirements and deliver improved environmental solutions.

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