September 2020 – 7 Benefits Of Biodegradable Bags

You may have heard more about biodegradable materials in the past few years, and how we should all be looking to reduce our use of traditional plastics and instead seek to use biodegradable materials when possible. But, what exactly does biodegradable mean? What are the benefits of biodegradable bags? Should your business switch to biodegradable

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August 2020 – Biodegradable Vs Compostable Plastic Bags

Going green is no longer an optional luxury life choice; it is an essential responsibility that everyone must embrace. This is a motto we have wholeheartedly accepted here at Polystar Plastics, and we are passionate about working towards a greener future, investing our resources into developing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic. Here we explain

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March 2020 – Polystar Plastics NHS pledge

Following the outstanding work being carried out by the amazing NHS staff during these unprecedented times. Polystar Plastics would like to commit £5 for every tonne of our new PCWflex material sold in 2020. No amount of money can truly show our appreciation for their hard work and commitment to keeping the country running, but

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July 2019 – Polystar Plastics continues to invest

In 2019, Polystar Plastics has made a significant series of investments in new equipment. These are geared towards replacement of old extrusion units, and the addition of new capacity. The object is the reduction of energy usage per kg of film produced, and the installation of extrusion equipment designed to maximise the usage of recycled

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March 2019 – Polystar Plastics is ‘highly commended’ in the sustainability award category

FPA SUSTAINABILITY AWARD 2019 The FPA Sustainability Award sponsored by NCCO International demonstrates FPA members’ continuing commitment to make the best use of resources. Now that Polystar has achieved its BRC certification, they had an opportunity to enter the sustainability award section run by the Foodservice Packaging Association. Their commitment and focus on environmental & green

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December 2018 – Polystar Plastics gain BRC certification

We are pleased to announce that in the latest step on the journey towards total manufacturing excellence, that Polystar Plastics have achieved BRC/IOP certification. After a two day audit on December 6 & 7th the QAI auditor was pleased to announce that Polystar had achieved the standard. On the day the auditor drew special attention to the

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