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February 2021 – Stretch Hooding – The Perfect Fit, Providing Total Load Security

Stretch Hooding is a fairly new packaging solution for businesses in comparison to other solutions  such as shrink film or collation shrink film.

Stretch Hooding for packaging goods was introduced in 1980 as an alternative method of packaging  goods to that of heat shrink hoods and spiral stretch film or ‘stretch wrapping’.

It’s worth noting that stretch hooding has begun to replace heat shrink hooding and stretch wrapping  as a key method to packaging goods safely and in a cost-effective manner for businesses.

This form of polythene plastic packaging is often used in FMCG sectors where suppliers are looking  to deliver products in bulk.

Stretch Hooding or Shrink Film – What’s The Difference?

Stretch hooding is classed as gusseted tubing, but it is generally three layer co ex technology and a technical blend. This allows for the hood to be stretched to a high degree and not heat shrunk like conventional methods, ensuring strength, elasticity and  endurance for the transportation of goods through tougher terrains and conditions.

Conversely, polythene shrink film wrap is used in single wound, centrefold, and multi-fold formats for  heavy-duty plastic shrink wrap requirements. Due to the requirement for heating the film to ensure tightness and secureness of goods wrapped, often polythene shrink wrap manufacturers will  manufacture these products with a standard blend and often as a mono film (single layer).

The differences between the two are the technology behind each solution. Polystar stretch hooding  uses TriStretch technology which creates high package integrity and offers packaging solutions for  anything from FMCG products such as water bottles, through to pallets of bricks for construction.

Additionally, stretch hooding uses a high performance blend that stretches so it does not require heat to secure the  products packages, unlike other comparable solutions. Also there is less film required as the product is stretched over the pallet load, which is more cost effective.

Key Benefits of Stretch Hooding for Business Packaging Needs

While we have already highlighted some key benefits in comparison to say shrink wrapping, there are  plenty more benefits of stretch hooding for businesses packaging solutions. These range from  positive logistical impacts to cost-efficiencies and operational performance improvements.

Low Energy Consumption = Lower Production Bills

Other shrink film production methods require the use of heat to secure the film. As stretch hooding  does not require the use of heat, the operating benefits are ten-fold. This process uses far less  energy than shrink-wrap and reduces energy bills as a result of the investment into this packaging.

Cheaper Cost to Produce

Due to the film thickness reduction possibilities and stretching possibilities, the per-pallet film costs  of stretch hooding is much more competitive with that of other polythene wrapping and hooding  solutions.

Maintaining Performance

Stretch hooding specifications and production allows for the maintenance of quality, tension of the  hooding while in transport, while also ensuring the physical properties of goods are maintained.

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