Polythene Stretch Hooding & Wrapping

TriStretch Polythene Stretch Hooding Provides Total Pallet Unitisation

TriStretch Polythene Stretch Hooding

High package integrity and the flexibility to securely wrap and stabilise various product loads make TriStretch our most popular stretch hooding and pallet wrapping packaging technology for packaging goods in transit.

This stretch hood film is a polythene stretch film that gives users the ability to secure loads without the use of heat and improves the yield of the polyethylene shrink film required. It is a perfect choice for your transit packaging requirements.

Supplying Polythene Stretch Hood and Stretch Polythene Film to Industry

Whether you’re wrapping a pallet of empty water bottles or a heavy weight pallet of sand bags, stretch hood technology offers the most comprehensive benefits when compared to other types of palletisation solutions. Additionally, this vented stretch hood film offers ventilation properties that allow packaging to maintain quality over time.

We can produce all sizes of polythene stretch hooding for all markets, including food and beverage, building industry, white goods, glass and chemicals.

Cost-Efficient Load Security with Pallet Stretch Hooding for your Packaging

TriStretch is made from a continuous roll of gusseted film, which is stretched over the pallet load. This gusseted film can be treated with heat to maximise strength and elasticity when packaging products. This polythene stretch film can be stretched by 30% – therefore, each TriStretch stretch hood can be 30% smaller than the pallet meaning, less film is needed to cover the load –  resulting in improved stretch hood yield and increased cost-efficiency.  

TriStretch technology uses Tristar™ polythene and offers manufacturers, logistics companies and retailers a range of benefits over other stretch hoods and pallet wrapping methods: 

  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Material-handling conveniences
  • Product visibility
  • Branding opportunities. 

Custom Stretch Hood Film Manufactured to Specifications

We’re stretch hood film manufacturers that can produce bespoke stretch hood film packaging to be used with a stretch hooder – stretch hood machine – for all load types and pallet sizes including wide width for the insulation market.

  • Maximum open width 3200mm width
  • Maximum flat single wound width 2950mm
  • Film thickness from 60 – 150 micron
  • Printing options – to 6 colours inline

Our stretch hood films can be adapted for use on a variety of machine manufacturers and systems, including – Beumer, Möllers, MSK, Lachenmeier, OMS, BTH, Thimo and Arcodo

All stretch hooding products are a great solution to improving yield performance, and Polystar can further reduce costs with our premium stretch hooding range – TriStretch Plus, which offers further cost-saving options for stretch hoods in terms of film gauge reduction.

Call one of our specialists on 02380 232153 for more information about our stretch hooding range or request a quick quotation for stretch hood film through our website to find out how Polystar can help you.

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