polystar plastics continues to invest

July 2019 – Polystar Plastics continues to invest

, July 2019 – Polystar Plastics continues to invest

In 2019, Polystar Plastics has made a significant series of investments in new equipment. These are geared towards replacement of old extrusion units, and the addition of new capacity.

The object is the reduction of energy usage per kg of film produced, and the installation of extrusion equipment designed to maximise the usage of recycled polymer, and the efficient production of fully compostable films.

Already this year 3 new mono-layer lines with split-die designs have been installed to produce thin films from 100% recycled plastic, at high levels of quality and enhanced output. These will replace several old, energy-inefficient lines, and yet still increase capacity by a further 2,500 tonnes per annum.

A large (3100mm width) 3-layer co-extrusion line, will be installed August, which will contribute a further 6,000 tonnes per annum of new film production.

Again, this line incorporates screw and die design technology to enable the inclusion of high (up to 50%) of recycled plastics into films which historically would not have performed with such a high inclusion level – such as collation shrink films.

Other investments for 2019 include a waste-less cardboard core cutter, a high-speed 4-colour flexographic press, and a high-speed bottom-weld conversion line with post-gusseting and punch-perforation capabilities, again geared towards very thin films. This line is due in August.

Discussions are also progressing with energy suppliers to develop and introduce significant site investment in energy usage reduction.

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